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Article by Jan Slezak.

Metadata in Google Cloud Instances

Metadata can provide an attacker (or regular user) information about the compromised App Engine instance, such as its project ID, service accounts, and tokens used by those service accounts.

The metadata can be accessed by a regular HTTP GET request or cURL, sans any third-party client libraries by making a request to or

curl "" -H
"Metadata-Flavor: Google"
Note: If you are using your local terminal to attempt access, as opposed to Google's Web Console, you will need to add to your /etc/hosts file.

Metadata Endpoints

For basic enumeration, an attacker can target.
To view scope: -H "Metadata-Flavor: Google"
To view project metadata:
curl "" \
    -H "Metadata-Flavor: Google"
To view instance metadata:
curl "" \
    -H "Metadata-Flavor: Google"

The following table is pulled from the Google Cloud Documentation

Metadata Endpoint Description
/computeMetadata/v1/project/numeric-project-id The project number assigned to your project.
/computeMetadata/v1/project/project-id The project ID assigned to your project.
/computeMetadata/v1/instance/zone The zone the instance is running in.
/computeMetadata/v1/instance/service-accounts/default/email The default service account email assigned to your project.
/computeMetadata/v1/instance/service-accounts/default/ Lists all the default service accounts for your project.
/computeMetadata/v1/instance/service-accounts/default/scopes Lists all the supported scopes for the default service accounts.
/computeMetadata/v1/instance/service-accounts/default/token Returns the auth token that can be used to authenticate your application to other Google Cloud APIs.