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Article by Moses Frost (@mosesrenegade).

Default Account Information

Service Accounts

Service accounts are similar to Azure Service Principals. They can allow for programmatic access but also abuse.

Information on Service Accounts

User-Created Service Account:

Using the format above, you can denote the following items:

  • service-account-name: This will tell you potentially what services this is for: Bigtable-sa or compute-sa
  • project-id: This will be the project identifier that the service account is for. You can set your gcloud configuration to this project-id. It will be numerical typically.

Default Service Account filename permutations:

  • serviceaccount.json
  • service_account.json
  • sa-private-key.json
  • service-account-file.json

Application-Based Service Account:

  • Ths would be project-id value for App Engine or anything leveraging App Engine.
  • This service account is for Compute Engine where the project-number-compute will be: project-id-compute. I.E. 1234567-compute.

How to use Service Accounts

In a BASH (or equivalent) shell: export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS="/home/user/Downloads/service-account-file.json"